National Book Lovers Day

This post is a few days late but as I have dedicated this blog to books, tea, and self-improvement, I didn’t want to miss commemorating National Book Lovers Day which was on August 9th in the United States. I love books but I’d never heard of this day and I was thrilled that, coincidentally, I spent the mornings of both Aug 9th and 10th browsing the shelves of two independent bookstores in Ojai, California. I ended up with a small haul of second-hand books, some that I bought for their interesting content and others, because the covers looked interesting (which makes this post the fourth in the Judge a book by its cover series).

National Book Lovers Day, 2019/Judge A Book By Its Cover/ Is It All In My head

As you can see, the books that I found were very different in their content but they all made me giddy with excitement. We were in Ojai on the 9th, so a book by J. Krishnamurti was an obvious choice (philosophy and self-improvement, check). Next, a large book on ikat, batik, and plangi – this is a no-brainer. I can never walk away from such a book on textiles even though I have no idea what plangi is. The evidence is here. And lastly, Hiroshige’s Tokaido, In Prints And Poetry, a darling, little fabric-bound book. Hiroshige, of course, is the famous Japanese woodblock artist. (For more on him and his prints featuring the Tokaido road, start with this Wikipedia page).

National Book Lovers Day, 2019/Judge A Book By Its Cover/ Is It All In My head

I’m not romanticizing when I say that books have been the one constant in my life: presenting me with gateways to escape into fantastic lands, allowing me to experience life from someone else’s perspective, introducing me to radical, new thoughts and ideas, and equipping me with knowledge and skills on subjects as diverse as creative ways to cook an egg to what to expect when I was expecting. Long before the internet, you turned to a book for everything. So, here’s to reading happily every after! Happy Book Lovers Day, everyone!