Present Moment: Day 9

Present Moment/ Is It All In My Head

You are all caught up, dear reader. Day 9 brings you to the present moment in my writer’s journey, August 21st, 2019. I have given myself the rest of 2019 to finish writing this book. I am going into this last section of 2019 with only one clear focus: to write is to feel something awaken within me, something that feels authentic, powerful, and vulnerable. So, to not write is not an option. The novel is two-thirds done and I know how I want to end it. I have to figure out how I am going to bring my characters through the last part of the book and then I have to go back and rewrite all of it until I’m satisfied. It sounds daunting but also like an invitation to immerse myself in cool blue waters. It feels like an invitation to do what I really want to do. It’s also an invitation to work around all distractions (and of those, there will be many. Haven’t you noticed that when there is a deadline, there are a hundred other things that want demand your attention, as if you are part of a massive dare? Can you really finish this? something asks, its voice filled with mischief. What if I throw this at you, ‘this’ being a problem that requires your attention or an opportunity that distracts you away from your current path? I already talked about how hard it is to figure out what is a distraction and what is a real detour. ) Can I write this book, in spite of the steady stream of opportunities, problems, distractions that are already knocking on my door? I’m going to try my best do it. Because commitment to anything comes from belief in what one is doing. Do you believe in what you dream of? Just follow Rumi: “Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.”

Present Moment/ Is It All In My Head

I want to leave you with this image that came to me today as I wrestled with how I am going to allocate time to write, given a new set of distractions. I was in the shower and this picture popped into my head. I was in a cabin up in the mountains. The wall in front of me was made almost completely of glass. My view showed me a valley studded with hundreds of green trees. The sky was blue and all was quiet. I was sitting at a desk and I was writing. Ideally, I would go away to such a place for an indefinite time and nature and solitude would create the environment in which a creative project could be birthed. But since I can’t, I choose to think that for a couple of hours everyday, I have to go into a virtual cabin in the mountain and I have to write. This is my promise to myself.

Present Moment/ Is It All In My Head

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